Earth Movers

We are an accomplished Earth movers who are working in Excavation from quite a long time in various areas like government divisions and private companies and so forth. The following are a few of the on location work we do :Concrete basis,Roads, Parking Area,Playgrounds,Buildings etc.

Building Demolition Contractors

We provide services for all types of demolition works like industrial demolishing, building demolition, ecological demolition and building dismantling. We are dedicated in internal and external demolition, workplace dividing walls ,business, industrial and housing structures, constructions & industrial units.We also offer services for mechanical demolition, ground works, mass concrete taking away, stone removal, and dismantling.

Earth Work Excavation

Process of moving rock,earth or other materials with equipment ,tools or explosives is Excavation. It also includes trenching, wall shafts, tunneling and underground. Excavation is the preliminary activity of the construction project. Our work procedure for excavation at construction site primarily involves understanding of center line and excavation drawings, secondarily setting out the plan on ground. Thirdly excavation of soil and removal of excess soil.


Chiselling is an instrument used to break down the huge rocks into small stones. We use an imported chisels for breaking down and crushing rocks. We emphasis only on new technologies than old because we grow with the growing technology in the market. We have Chiselling technology related experts in our company to take care of Chiselling related activities. Chiselling is used in different areas to accomplish different tasks like :Tunnel, Road ,construction, Rock crushing, Rock quarries etc.

Drilling & Rock Breaking

Drilling and rock blasting/rock cut is the controlled use of explosives and other methods such as gas pressure blasting pyrotechnics, to break rock for excavation. We practice in mining, quarrying and civil engineering projects such as dam, tunnel or road construction.

Filling & Leveling Works

We have worked on the different projects with respect to filing and leveling land in different areas and places like : Ground,Open site,School Field,Mining Field and Private lands etc.Project will be handled in a professional way without causing any harm to neighboring property.Results of our work will be tremendous in the leveling work.

Road Works

We start the road construction with the process of road design including route survey, allowing for the drainage and considering the expected traffic volume and planned development in the area. Next, the most important base layers are completed using bulldozers, graders, compactors, levelers and then the surface layer is applied.One could differentiate our process from the surface materials used to finish a road.

Chemical Cracking

VAP Group is a firm providing contracting services in Bangalore for rock blasting, well rock blasting and chemical cracking for government & private firms and residences. VAP Group employs a highly experienced team well-equipped with the latest tools purchased from trusted vendors. Providing explosive and non-explosive/silent rock blasting techniques.

Building Consultants

We help in both general and specific tasks, to ensure a desirable outcome for the management of a building.This could start at the pre-planning stages before a building is even constructed extends to commercial building and acquisition surveys, office design and project management, retail design and landlord and tenant services among many more. We help to minimise risk, manage liability and help streamline the management of a building.